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Newsletter                         CULINARY VOICES OF AMERICA                  June 2006



              In lieu of an earlier newsletter, I sent you some updated news items a month ago on good happenings for some of the Academy members.


Membership News:


              Again, our congratulations go out to our Korean friends, whose book won the best Dessert Cookbook in the world at the Gourmand Book contest.


              News in from Larry and Margaret Dickenson, who live in Canada. They won two Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Awards in 2005. And, Margaret and Larry came up with a wonderful idea which I would like to pass along to everyone.  They do a great deal of entertaining.  When the dinner table is set up, their two “Globes” are placed in the center of the table on either side of the centerpiece decoration. Naturally, these attract a lot of attention and have become a conversational party piece.  Everyone is amazed when the hosts demonstrate to their guests how the globes ‘spin’. This unusual aspect of the Awards always creates a stir when shown to folk. The folk who were at the Awards ceremony  in Florida, will recall that it brought gasps of delight  when Ignacio Urquiza showed people how it happens.


              There is more exciting news about another of our members, but I have to put it on hold until our next newsletter. It is however, a wonderful example of the exciting things that can happen to someone when they win an Award and  recognition for all their hard work. That is what the Cordon d’Or Awards is all about. A chance for Culinarians to gain public recognition for their achievements; and, we hope it becomes  a stepping stone to greater successes.


              The 2006 Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Awards Program is under way. The deadline was extended to July 15, 2006. We had some major technical problems with the computers. As a result we have upgraded the equipment with new machines in the office. It put all our computer activity on hold for about three weeks. Everything now appears to be back on track.  Good luck to those who have sent in entries for the 2006 awards. It is also great to see some of our previous winners returning too. Dave, our Web Master has not been able to set up the Newsletter Presentation as yet, because of the technical delays. Hence, this Newsletter is coming to you as an attachment to an e mail.


Academy of the Culinary Arts Awards


Now to the Academy Awards and your chance to nominate and vote for the 2006 winners.  You can choose two people and nominate them  for an award in each of the following groups:  Hall of Fame – Life Achievement – Entrepreneur – Chef of the Year – Cuisine of the Year (awarded either to a country or culinarian). That allows you to submit a maximum of ten names.  All nominations must be received in our office by July 31, 2006. The Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon team of Judges will review the Nominees, and prepare a list of three names to go forward for each of the five Awards. These names will be submitted by August 31, 2006, to Academy members, who will vote on one person in each of the five groups, whom they feel deserves to win the Academy Award.  All votes need to be received by September 30, 2006.   In each group, the person who receives most votes will win the Award.  There is no fee to nominate names, and to make it easier for you, you can submit the nominations in a Word document attached to an e mail.  Attached to this newsletter, you will find a Word document which can be completed and returned.

There are five sections, with space in each section to submit the names of two Nominees. Complete the required information, and submit it.  We ask for some backup information too by way of a brief Bio on the Nominees.  However, if they have a culinary website with a profile on the site, it should give us the information needed.


The Winners names will be announced on November 30, 2006.


Best Wishes



Noreen Kinney


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