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Newsletter                         CULINARY VOICES OF AMERICA                  September 2006



Academy of the Culinary Arts Awards


              We want to thank the Academy of the Culinary Arts Members for sending in nominations for the Awards. It is time now for Academy members to send in their votes for people nominated to win the Academy of the Culinary Arts Awards 2006, and these are arriving at Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon  currently. It is the first year we have thrown it open to Academy members to send in nominations. We received a few names, and it was a good start. The Winners are chosen to accept the following Awards:


Culinary Hall of Fame

Culinary Life Achievement

Culinary Entrepreneur

Chef of the Year

Cuisine of the Year - awarded either to a Country or a Culinarian.


              Nominations were reviewed by the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon team of Judges, and, with the exception of two categories, two names go forward for each of the other three Awards. There were two names put forward for the Culinary Entrepreneur Award, and for The Chef of the Year Award. However, one name was withdrawn by the Judges for the Chef of the Year Award, due to recent professional issues; and the second Culinarian nominated for the Culinary Entrepreneur Award declined the nomination. The Academy Members can vote for one person in each of the other three groups, whom they feel deserves to win the Culinary Academy Award. You will see web site addresses for the Nominees, so you can review their work and track records. Please submit your votes to Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Inc, at by September 30, 2006.  The Winners will be notified by October 15, 2006, and an announcement will be sent out to the Media and Academy Members on October 31, 2006.  The Awards will be presented at the Academy of the Culinary Arts Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Annual Awards event, on Thursday 7 December, in St. Petersburg, Florida. The day time Awards event is being held at Seapointe, located on the southern tip of St. Petersburg, with magnificent views of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.


Culinary Hall of Fame:                             




Jacques Pepin          

Go to link for Hall of Fame (lower left side) on home page & click.

Click on Jacques Photo (lower right side), then click on Jacques photo

(lower left side)….below his next picture,

Click on Continued………. You will find his Bio 


Antonia Allegra               



Culinary Life Achievement:                    




Ignacio Urquiza                


Antonia Allegra                



Cuisine of the Year – awarded to a Culinarian or a Country




Raymond Blanc                


Australia                             (Gov web site)

                                            You can pull up

The 2007 web page for this bi annual event. Click on link (top right) to review the 2005 event.

It provides a very good insight on the incredible progress made by                                                                   Australia on the Culinary stage in recent years


Culinary Entrepreneur




Erik Wolf       Founder & President of the International Culinary Tourism                                                      Association                                     


(The other nominee has withdrawn from the Awards Program)  CONGRATULATIONS  ERIC


Chef of the Year




Jim Coleman


(The second nominee was withdrawn from the Awards Program due to recent professional issues)



The Nominees have been contacted, and have honored us with acceptance of their nominations.                                                                     


              Please go onto the web sites to review the information on the people who have been nominated. All votes need to be returned to the Academy by September 30, 2006.  There is no fee to cast your vote. And, to make it easier for you, you can submit your votes by e mail to  When you send in your votes, please make sure you identify the Award category for each person (or country) chosen by you.


              The 2006 Annual International Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Awards event will take place in St. Petersburg, Florida on Thursday 7 December. More details will be made available at a later date. We are arranging to hold the Awards Presentation at a lovely location, with magnificent views overlooking Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. A light Buffet Lunch will be served at the event, and we hope many will attend again this year.


Awards 2005 Program (Review)


              We would like to recap briefly to you who received the Academy Awards last year. We did not have the Chef of the Year category in 2005. Full details on the recipients can be seen on the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon web site –


Culinary Hall of Fame:               Elizabeth David                 accepted by Jill Norman

Culinary Life Achievement        Georgina Campbell           accepted by James O’Donnell  

Culinary Entrepreneur               Parisa Ambwani               

Cuisine of the Year:                   Ireland accepted by Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board                                                                                                         

Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Awards 2006


              The 2006 Annual International Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Cookbooks and Culinary Arts Awards Program is well under way. The team of Judges are very busy these days, reviewing the many entries. Good luck to those who have sent entries in to the 2006 Awards Program. It is great to see some of our previous 2005 Winners returning this year with more entries. And, there are several new and very interesting entries which have the mark of originality and excellent professionalism.


Culinary Professionals Tour of Ireland.


              Great excitement as the Culinary Tour of Ireland gets closer. The tour begins in Dublin on Friday 29 September, and ends in Kinsale, Co. Cork on Saturday 7 October. The Itinerary can be found on our website at:  or at There are some minor changes for the better on the Itinerary. As a result, the group’s activities have yet another lunch included into the quoted costs of the tour. Everything is included in the costs of the land tour except for one dinner, when participants can head out to try a restaurant of their choice in Dublin. And, the Irish Government is doing us proud on this tour. They have some very exciting activities and magnificent luncheons lined up for the group on different days. For example, Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board are hosting the first day of the tour with demonstrations, luncheon with Press Members, and an afternoon session on Irish Cheese and tastings. BIM – the Irish Fisheries Board have organized a superb luncheon and Sunday outing for the group at Marlfield House ***** in Wexford, where many of their Executives and Press Members will join the group. The IDB – Irish Dairy Board and Kerrygold have arranged a terrific morning in Cork City, visiting the one and only  Historical Butter Museum in the World, followed by a visit to the famous English Market in Cork (over 250 years old); noted for its magnificent choice of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and specialty products. It is followed by lunch at the Farm Gate, a 5 Star ***** restaurant overlooking the Market, hosted by the IDB and Kerrygold. Have you seen the Kerrygold butter now available throughout the USA and Canada? It is so rich and creamy. Many moons ago, they produced the delicious butter than can be taken directly from the refrigerator and spread on your toast without having to soften up first. Bailey’s Irish Cream have a wonderful day planned at their “vineyards” in Co. Wicklow, to see their production set-up, where the cream used in the famous Baileys Irish Cream liqueur is produced, followed by lunch. Irish Distillers are picking a group of six from the participants to try out tastings of different whiskeys, and give their opinions. Should be a lot of fun! They have organized a traditional Irish luncheon for the group, and an Irish Coffee demonstration. There are so many other exciting activities for the folk who will be on the Irish Culinary Tour.


              Many tour operators are asking us how we did it for the phenomenal price of US$ 1999.00 for the 8 days/8 nights Land Tour (all inclusive – except for the one dinner in Dublin - and including transfers to the airport after the tour ends). They tell me if they had to organize a similar tour at the quality levels of our tour, staying at top hotels, enjoying very special meals, and participating in the type of activities we are doing (not available in many cases to individuals), it would cost a minimum of $5000.00 per person. It is thanks to our Sponsors that this was done, and it is a ‘once off’ very special experience that will not be repeated. If you go to the website, you can see the link for the updated Itinerary. Also, on the Home Page, you will see a link on the lower left side that takes you to a section from a former website for the new Irish cuisine. There, if you have time, you can read all about how the new Irish cuisine movement evolved. As the Pioneer of the new cuisine in those far off days, I received numerous sponsorships and support from organizations in Ireland. Many have come forward again, and are sponsoring this very exciting special Culinary Tour of Ireland. It has brought down the costs phenomenally. The sponsored tour is as mentioned, a one time event. However, I am delighted to announce that one participant Carol Penn-Romine plans to establish Culinary Tours to Ireland in the not too distant future. She is joining our tour, so she can have the opportunity to get additional information and experiences on Culinary Tours of Ireland; and I have arranged introductions for her to meet ‘the powers that be’ in Ireland, who may be able to help her with her plans.


              I look forward to receiving votes from the Academy Members, for the Academy of the Culinary Arts Awards, by Saturday 30 September, 2006. And I hope that others who are not members of the Academy yet, will consider joining us for next year. As a member, you can play an important role in nominating and voting for Culinarians who deserve recognition for their work and achievements.


Kind Regards




Noreen Kinney


Academy of the Culinary Arts

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