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Newsletter                         CULINARY VOICES OF AMERICA                  November 2006








              We want to thank the Academy of the Culinary Arts members for sending in nominations and votes for the Culinary Academy Awards. It is the first year we have thrown it open to Academy members to nominate and vote for Award Winners. The response was good. The Nominees, who graciously accepted their nominations, have now notified us that they are delighted to accept their Awards. The Winners for the 2006 Culinary Academy Awards are:


Culinary Hall of Fame                                               Antonia Allegra

Culinary Life Achievement                                       Ignacio Urquiza

Culinary Entrepreneur                                              Erik Wolf

Chef of the Year                                                        Jim Coleman   

Cuisine of the Year                                                   Australia (awarded either to a Country or a Culinarian)


***        A New Culinary Academy Award was recently introduced into the Academy of the Culinary Arts Awards Program….. The President’s Award. It will be presented at the Culinary Academy Awards event in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Thursday, 11 January 2007. The Winner has been announced…. Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys outstanding performance in the world market today ranks them as the 6th largest selling global premium drink brand in the world. They deserve the Award for their remarkable success.


              The Culinary Academy Awards event takes place at SEAPOINTE, at the southern tip of St. Petersburg, overlooking Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, from 12 Noon – 4 00 PM. A Mini Buffet luncheon will be served.  We are very happy to hear that several Winners from across the States and Canada plan to attend; and the Australian Government has informed us they will send a Representative to accept their Culinary Academy Award.





AWARDS – 2006


            The Cookbooks & Culinary Arts Awards Program was successful this year, with an increase in the number of entries. The professionalism of the many entries was excellent.  Unfortunately, not everyone can win, and it was difficult to select the Award Winners. The team of Judges once again did a great task in reviewing the entries, and selecting the Winners. You can view the Award Winners List on the Internet: or We have requested photos of the Winners. These will be available on the Website by late November, at which time, if you click on the Winner’s name, it will take you directly to their Bio/PhotoThe Cookbooks & Culinary Arts Awards will be presented on Thursday 11 January 2007, in St. Petersburg.




              The Culinary Tour of Ireland for Culinary Professionals is over, and to state here the description used by some people, was a ‘resounding success’.  I am delighted with the outcome.  The group of 18 had a wonderful time in the Emerald Isle throughout the 8 Days Tour. They came from Canada, the USA and the UK, and were joined by another two Culinary Professionals who live in Ireland. I was honored to have the opportunity to accompany the group, and show them the great beauty of my country, and the superb cuisine in Ireland today. We were treated as VIPs everywhere we went.  The Sponsors were exceptional, and arranged incredible experiences and delicious food.  Many of the events were organized especially for us, and could not have been experienced by individual travelers. Everyone has written very complimentary testimonials, and these have been placed in the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Library. Our Web Master Dave has copied them onto the Website, along with a Review of the Tour; plus a selection of photographs sent to us by several participants. Click on or and go to the link on the Home Page. I would like to thank those who sent in the photographs.  It is fun to see them, and they bring back many great memories.  I have been asked to do another Culinary Tour of Ireland. A decision will be made early in 2007.  If it goes ahead, it will take place in September 2008. If you have never been to Ireland, known today as ‘The Food Island’, it will be a golden opportunity for you to visit the Emerald Isle, and see for yourself how today it has become a Gourmet’s Paradise.  Incredibly, several people have told me they want to join the tour in September 2008, and already put their names on the list. Get in touch with me directly at  if you are interested.


                 CULINARY VOICES OF AMERICA – Radio Show


              The ‘Culinary Voices of America’ Radio Show is still in the pipeline, and we will announce further details in due course. Keep in touch, and if you are interested to become a Guest on the Show, or promote your Culinary Activities, let us know. In the meantime, Academy members can send us updates on their culinary activities, and we will put it into our quarterly Newsletter


            ACADEMY OF THE CULINARY ARTS  -  Members News


News from Culinary Academy Members comes from Canada, Mexico and California


Congratulations to Margaret and Larry Dickenson who live in Ottawa, Canada; and to Ignacio Urquiza who lives in Mexico. Congratulations also to Parisa Ambwani who lives in Danville near San Francisco.


              Following the success of her first, international award winning cookbook,From the Ambassador’s Table - Blueprints for Creative Entertaining, and her TV series, Margaret’s Sense of Occasion, Margaret, together with her husband Larry Dickenson, has successfully released her new book  ‘Margaret’s Table - Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining’  (ISBN: 0-9739874-0-5; $45). It is available in Chapters/Indigo stores across Canada, and in selected independent book retail outlets. It is also available on line from .

              This cookbook reveals Margaret’s "real" secrets, accumulated over years abroad and at home, on how to mesmerize family and guests even when time and/or talent in the kitchen is limited – but, aspirations for success are high! Of course, Margaret has a strategy! – Innovative, unique, tasty recipes, interesting presentations, a touch of pizzazz and dozens of tricks to make the process doable and enjoyable. Beautifully photographed, ‘Margaret’s Table – Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining’ presents 180 of her personally created recipes with clear step-by-step instructions. Five (5) recipes are recognized as having won international culinary awards during the last 12 months.

              Hidden in the pages of this book, is how Margaret and her husband, Larry, a former Canadian Ambassador, have ‘swapped’ roles. Margaret for years, like many a Foreign Service spouse, traveled the world with Larry, hosting thousands of guests in their homes in 8 different countries. She developed a strong international reputation for her personally created recipes, mesmerizing presentations and warm hospitality. Now, Larry, retired, is returning the favor to help in her career. He calls it "delayed reciprocity” – Larry imputed into the computer every word in this new book, and he took 57 of the 58 photos which grace its pages.

              Later in November 2006, Margaret and Larry will be ‘Enrichment Lecturers’ on board the Silver Cloud luxury liner, sailing to various exotic locations between Dubai and Mumbai.


              Margaret & Larry pulled off an amazing feat in the recent Awards Program. They have both won three Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Arts Awards in 2006. And, Margaret’s former book From the Ambassador’s Table - Blueprints for Creative Entertainingentered into two categories in the Awards Program, has won the20th Century Cookbook’ and ‘Cookbook Cover & Title’ Awards. It is a remarkable achievement, and well deserved. We are very honored and delighted to hear that Margaret and Larry have made their travel reservations to join us on the 11 January, 2007 at the Awards Event.




              Ignacio has successfully launched his new book of Photography. The title of the book is:



este no es un libro de cocina sino

una sabrosa historia de 30 anos


              Ignacio won the Culinary Academy Award for Life Achievement and received an overwhelming vote from the Culinary Academy members. Ignacio is recognized worldwide for his outstanding photographic work in the Culinary Arts and Architectural fields; and his many published books on photography attest to Ignacio’s   professionalism. To celebrate three decades as a Photographer, he has produced the new book, filled with a magnificent photographic collection.   


              In 2005, Ignacio won two Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Photography Awards, and a Cash Award for Excellence.  Ignacio and his lovely wife Laura, along with his New York based agent, Katy Keck attended the Awards Ceremony in St. Petersburg in December 2005.  


              After the 2005 Awards event was over, Ignacio agreed to do the official photograph of the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Globe Award, which can be seen on our Website. Numerous compliments have come in to us on the stunning photo of our lovely Globe Award. For those who do not know it, if you gently turn the globe, it will spin. Ignacio delighted in showing this to the audience at the 2005 Awards ceremony.


              Ignacio submitted another entry in the 2006 Awards Program, and once more won the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon  Photography Award.





             There is no doubt that Parisa is entrepreneurial. She seized the opportunity this

year, to enter her book ‘Recipes from the Heart’ again in a different category, and she won another Award.  Parisa’s book has won the Special Merit Award   for theCookbook Cover & Title’. In 2005, Parisa won the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Entrepreneur Award, and her impressive book won the Self Published Award. The book contains many beautiful drawings and recipes, and is filled with philosophies on food. Parisa is rapidly gaining the reputation of ‘The Philosopher in the Kitchen’.


          Check our Website regularly in 2007. Watch for updates on the 2007 Awards Program. And, look for the 2006 Culinary Academy Awards event, when a display of photographs will be featured. Remember to click on the NEWS RELEASES link, on the Home Page for new announcements.  


              I would like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends; and take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Kind Regards




Noreen Kinney


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