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Go for it – Everyone loves to go for Gold















            Think of Florida, and visualize a Paradise on Earth…  Fun in the Sun…  Clear Blue Skies…  Warm Seas…  Golden Sands…  Palm Trees…  Majestic Birds…  Beautiful Sunrises…  Magnificent Sunsets…  Delicious Seafood…  Relaxed Lifestyle…  Variety of Interesting Activities…  You name it!  Millions are drawn to its shores annually for vacations, business and retirement.  Today, it is a vibrant State, full of life and opportunities…..and a growing Food Scene, waiting to be tapped and taken to greater heights.

              Noreen started ‘Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon’, the ‘Accolade of the 21st Century’ in 1985. The supreme Accolade can be applied to any culinary arena reaching out for superlative standards, or at the pinnacle of its activities in the Culinary Arts theatre. She established the ‘Annual International Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards’. Every January, Award Winners fly into Florida from across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Korea and Australia, to attend the Awards event, and accept their ‘Culinary Academy Awards’.  Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon celebrated its’ 21st Anniversary in 2006, and Noreen, who has lived in Florida since 1990,  took a group of Culinarians from America, Canada and England on a ‘Culinary Tour of Ireland’.  Sponsored by Bord Bia, IDB-Irish Dairy Board, Kerrygold Butter, Baileys Irish Cream, Irish Distillers, BIM-Irish Fisheries Board, Cashel Blue Cheese, Molaga Honey and others, it was a phenomenal success.  ‘TASTE IRELAND’ - another Culinary Tour is planned for September 2009.  In 2006, the ‘Culinary Voices of America’ Newsletter was launched.  It provides an avenue for Culinarians to network worldwide.  You can read about the Awards Program, the Culinary Voices of America, and coverage of the Irish Culinary Tour – 2006 on the Website.   

              Florida aroused Noreen’s interest after an extended visit in 1981. There was a dearth of interest in cuisine, but great emphasis on tourism. It reminded her of the Irish scene throughout the 1960s and 1970s, when tourism was strongly emphasized, and the potential of the food scene was largely overlooked. She returned to Florida in 1986, and went to Epcot with a colleague. There, they enjoyed a choice of international cuisines at the different ethnic restaurants featured. Epcot paved the way in Florida to develop interest in food from beyond the shores of the USA. Two more visits to Florida in 1988 clinched her decision to move from Europe to the sunshine state, where there was great potential on the culinary scene. Florida became her new home in 1990, and Noreen maintains a base in Ireland too. She observed the remarkable changes in cuisine throughout the State over two decades; the expansion of excellent restaurants; Food & Wine Festivals; Chefs contests; culinary schools and other food activities. The Annual International Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards found its home in a superb setting. In recent years, Noreen was a Culinary Judge at the Annual Battle of the Bay event, to choose the best restaurant in the Tampa Bay area.  The moment has come for Florida to move forward, and take America’s culinary scene on to the world stage.

              Hollywood, CA is associated with the movie industry and the Annual Film Academy Awards. Tampa Bay, FL is becoming known worldwide for the Annual International Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards.  


              We welcome you to join us. Become an active partner in an exciting plan to establish FLORIDA – AMERICA’S CULINARY PARADISE & CULINARY CAPITAL OF THE USA.


IRELAND: In 1960, Noreen stated: “Ireland is virgin territory to become a Gourmet’s Paradise”. The Media published her comment, and Noreen began a life long Culinary Odyssey. Pioneer of the New Irish Cuisine Movement (1960-1985), Noreen initiated the beginnings of the New Irish Cuisine, and created a range of original recipes.  She went on ‘Culinary Tours’ across Ireland, to show people the wonderful fresh ingredients found on their doorstep, and what they could do with them. Everywhere, she held ‘Demonars’ – before live audiences, and on TV. These were entertaining presentations on the culinary scene and food in Ireland, and on national cuisines from other countries. Included was plenty of chit chat about the legends, folklore, and historical origins of the ingredients, and the herbs and spices used in the dishes, with sample tasting. It was a great success. Foraging educational trips into the countryside were organized, to find different fresh food sources; watercress in natural streams; mussels buried in the golden sandy beaches when the tide was out;  mushrooms in the fields; young nettles, ideal for homemade soup; blackberries on countryside bushes to make delicious jams; elderberries or elder flowers for making wine. It was great fun for those who participated in the activities.  Sponsors came on board – Le Creuset, Waterford Glass, Baileys Irish Cream, Sunbeam, Irish Linen Mills, Beamish & Crawford’s, Collins English, Carrigaline Potteries, Tupperware and Gilbeys.  ‘Cooking Irish Style Today’ was published in 1975 by Mercier Press. The Cookbook (reprinted several times) emphasized the idea and opportunities for a New Irish Cuisine.  By the 1980s, the Developers came to the fore, and took the idea to the next stage. In 1994, Bord Bia – The Irish Government Food Board was established. They were the Consolidators who brought it all together under the umbrella ‘Ireland – the Food Island’. Today, Ireland has become a ‘Gourmet’s Paradise’, and a major player on the World’s Culinary Stage.

The time is right to make Florida ‘Culinary Capital of the USA’




Together, we can make it happen. Contact us and tell us about your interest to become part of the Culinary Tourism future in Florida. Go for it! Everyone loves to go for gold!


Noreen Kinney is a published Journalist and Cookbooks Author; Culinary Judge; Celebrity Chef; Spokesperson; Dining Sites Food Monitor and Restaurant Reviewer. She was a University Instructor and Executive Chef at the Schiller International University head campus in Florida in the 1990s, where she taught Food Production, and Restaurant/Dining Room Management. Schiller has seven campuses throughout Europe:  London – Paris – Madrid – Heidelberg – Strasbourg – Engelberg - Leysin.  Noreen is recognized as the Pioneer of the New Irish Cuisine, and is the Culinary Ambassador for Ireland since 1996.

Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon

Annual International

Cookbooks & Culinary Arts

2007 Awards Program


              The 2007 Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Cookbooks & Culinary Arts Annual International Awards Program is underway. Access the Website to view the selection of categories available. There is a wide choice including the Culinary Website Award and the Culinary Demonstration Award. If you have a Culinary Literary book or a Cookbook, Culinary Articles, Magazines, Recipes, Menus, Photography & Food Verse, consider entering your work into the Awards Program. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, July 31, 2007. Tell your colleagues and friends to check it out. It is fun to enter, and better still, very prestigious to win the impressive Culinary Academy Award. The Globe has created great interest and excitement. It is placed on a hand that sits on an engraved black marble base. Turn the Globe gently and it spins! The Award attracts attention whether it is placed on your desk, or on a nearby bookshelf. Some very creative Award Winners, who love to entertain, have placed the globes on their dining table as part of the decorative centerpiece. On these occasions, it becomes a great conversational item.


              The Winners of the 2007 Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Cookbooks & Culinary Arts Culinary Academy Awards will be announced on October 31, 2007.


                Current plans are under way, to hold the 2007 Culinary Academy Awards event in the Tampa Bay area in early January 2008.  I do hope you can arrange to visit Florida at that time, and will be able to join us. Exciting ideas for the on-going annual event have been revealed, so stay tuned for more information throughout the year.


              Go to the Website, and find out more about the many choices available in the Cordon d’ Or  –  Gold  Ribbon  Awards  Program.   or



Academy of the Culinary Arts


  Culinary Academy Awards


           CULINARY HALL OF FAME                              CULINARY LIFE ACHIEVEMENT





            CUISINE OF THE YEAR - awarded either to a Country or Culinarian



                                       Nominations commence on July 7, 2007



              Members of the Academy of the Culinary Arts, and all current and former Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Award Winners, plus the participants from the 2006 Irish Culinary Tour who received a complimentary membership to the Academy, can nominate and vote for the 2007 Culinary Academy Award winners.  Members can nominate two people for each of the five Awards:  CULINARY HALL OF FAME – CULINARY LIFE ACHIEVEMENT – CULINARY ENTREPRENEUR  – CHEF OF THE YEAR – CUISINE OF THE YEAR awarded either to a Country or Culinarian. It allows you to submit a maximum of ten names.  All nominations must be received in our office by July 31, 2007. The Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon team of Judges will prepare a list of the Nominees to go forward for each of the five Culinary Academy Awards. These names will be sent to the Academy members by August 31, 2007.  Academy members will have the opportunity to vote for one person in each of the five groups, whom they feel deserves to win the Culinary Academy Award.  All votes need to be received by September 30, 2007.  There is no fee to Academy members to nominate names or vote. To make it easier for everyone, Academy Members can submit the nominations by e mail. Please mention the reasons for your choice of Nominees, with a brief Bio and contact information. If the Nominees have a culinary Website, include the information with your nomination. 

Academy of the Culinary Arts Culinary Academy Award Winners  will  be announced on October 31, 2007.



 Irish Culinary Tour Reunion in Chicago - April 2007

              A Champagne Reunion for people who were on the Culinary Tour of Ireland in 2006 was organized in Chicago in April at Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Pub in the Hilton Hotel. Former and current Culinary Academy Award Winners who were attending the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual conference were invited too. Thirty four Culinarians attended the enjoyable gathering; and it became a photo opportunity for some Culinary Academy Award Winners who were unable to visit Florida in January, to accept their Awards.

           James O’Donnell, Marketing Director of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board attended, and was introduced to everyone.   Board Bia was a Sponsor of the 2006 Irish Culinary Tour.  They arranged a very enjoyable day for the group on their first day in Dublin, with culinary demonstrations and an excellent lunch, followed by a cheese presentation by Kevin Sheridan, and tasting a selection of Irish Cheese.  Peter Foynes, Director of the Butter Museum in Cork was also introduced. He personally took care of the culinary group in Cork, and gave them a tour of the only Butter Museum in the world. They were the guests of the Irish Dairy Board and Kerrygold, who had arranged the Museum tour, followed by a delicious lunch at The Farm Gate Restaurant overlooking the old English Market in Cork City Center. The world famous English Market was built in the 18th Century, and was open to the elements until the 20th Century, when a roof was installed. At the restaurant, after you ordered off the Menu, a staff member went downstairs to the market, collected the ‘fresh food’ from the numerous stalls below’, and returned to give the Chef the items to prepare the meal. “We don’t have storage facilities up here as there is no space’, explained the restaurant owner to the astounded visitors.





              TASTE IRELAND 2009’ - A NEW CULINARY TOUR is currently in the planning stages, to take place in September 2009.  Details will be available by January 2008. We have several reservations for the tour already. In December, Noreen will be in Ireland, as the guest of Peter O’ Connor, Director of Baileys Irish Cream, to attend the annual Euro Toque Awards event. The Competition is sponsored by Baileys, and recognizes Europe’s Young Chefs. Baileys Irish Cream sponsored a wonderful day at ‘The Orchard’ venue known as Baileys ‘Vineyards’ in Co. Wicklow for the 2006 Tour participants. The visit was a highlight on the Culinary Tour.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, with Peter’s Presentations, an excellent lunch, and an outdoors trek round the farm with the Joe Hayden, Director and owner of the Center.  Joe wanted the group to meet the ‘workers’ – ‘the ladies’. Everyone was thrilled to see the herd of contented ‘cows’ that provide cream for the delicious Bailey Irish Cream liqueur. Go to the Website to look at the excellent selection of photographs taken by several of the tour participants. Noreen met Peter again in January in Florida, and he indicated that they will be happy to consider a sponsorship for the next Culinary Tour. While Noreen is in Ireland, she will make the itinerary arrangements for ‘Taste Ireland 2009’. The Tour will cover several new culinary places and activities of interest,  including visits in to the heart of Ireland, and some west coast areas such as Galway, Connemara and Killarney, where there is much to offer in the Irish culinary arena. The west of Ireland is noted too for its magnificent scenery. The Culinary scene in Ireland today is extensive. It is found nationwide across the Emerald Isle, ‘the Jewel in the Culinary World’.


              If you would like to consider joining the ‘Taste Ireland – 2009’ Culinary Tour, Noreen will be delighted to hear from you. The numbers will be limited to 20-24 participants, so make your plans early to visit Ireland in September 2009, reserve a place on the tour, and keep in touch with us.



              We have received many News items from our Academy members. Stephen Grey, nephew of the late Elizabeth David lives in Australia. Jill Norman accepted the Culinary Hall of Fame Award in 2005, awarded posthumously to Elizabeth David. Jill is a very well known Cookbook Author in Europe, and she is the Trustee for Elizabeth’s estate. Stephen asked if the Award could be sent to him in Australia, and Jill agreed. One of our Academy members, Sharon Brown from WA, was en route to Sydney on the QM2 earlier this year, and took the award with her. She handed it to Stephen’s friend John in Sydney, who in turn took it up country to Stephen.  Stephen recently notified us of its safe arrival. Thanks go to Sharon for her help in getting the Award to Australia. It is a wonderful indication of successful networking with fellow Culinarians throughout the world.

Stephen Grey           

              Just to let you know that I have received the award safe and sound and it is in front of me as I write. It is quite an unusual Object D'Art, and of course it spins marvelously. Australia is very well mapped as indeed is the rest of the world. The base is most attractive and sets off the globe well. Quite a remarkable item altogether. I spent the morning cooking up amongst other things a nice little onion tart from French Country Cooking (one of Elizabeth’s famous cookbooks), which made a fine Sunday lunch out here in the countryside,  with the award as the centerpiece on the table. Thank you very much for all the trouble you and Sharon took, to make sure it came all the way across the world safely. It will be an important reminder to keep up the tradition of goodly cooking in these remote regions. Many thanks for your endeavors.   Best wishes.  Steve.

Sharon Brown – Castle Rock, WA

              A voice from the South Pacific sends you greetings. I have been eating my way across the Pacific, and around Australia and New Zealand! We had lunch with Kathy Snowball in Sydney – a lovely lady. Then, we met John, Stephan Grey’s friend and delivered the Elizabeth David Hall of Fame Culinary Academy Award. John was charming, and gave me a book from Stephen and himself as a “thank you”.  (Kathy Snowball is an Academy Member, and lives in Sydney.)

Antonia Allegra – Napa Valley, CA

              Antonia recently directed the Symposium for Professional Food Writers at The Greenbrier, and the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley. She is also very busy launching La Cocina que Canta Culinary Center at Rancho la Puerta Spa in Baja, California. It opens in the summer 2007. Antonia’s coaching work with professionals in the food and wine industries continues as usual; 29 published books resulted from her work last year. My sincere thanks to you and the Academy…Fondly, Antonia.

Carol Blomstrom – San Diego, CA

              It was great to see you in Chicago. Several of us are looking forward to another trip to Ireland with you. Remember to save our spots. The 2006 tour was “fabulous”. I think it was “the best” culinary tour I have been on. You did an outstanding job, and you led the BEST CE that I have ever attended, and I have attended many.  I think everyone appreciated all your skillful work. The food was worthy of a “culinary tour” and I have great memories. Thank you.

Rick Browne – California

              Thanks for the beautiful Award for the Big Book of BBQ Sides. It sits proudly on my shelf in the living room. I get tons of comments about it. What a wonderful award to have here.

              I am currently working on my next book, and the sixth season of Barbecue America on public TV, tentatively titled – The Best of Barbecue on Earth, for Ten Speed Press (Berkeley, CA). I am traveling all over the world searching out the best barbecue and grilling, from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and South Africa. The new book will also feature 12 other countries: Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Guadaloupe, the US, Mexico, Germany, Fiji, Tahiti and Thailand – 25 countries in total. It will be published concurrent with the TV Series in the Spring of 2008. It will be my 6th cooking and travel book.

Rick….wonderful news from you. Your new book should be interesting, and in vogue too with  ‘Culinary Tourism’….Good luck!

Margaret and Larry Dickenson – Ottawa, Canada

              Margaret’s new cookbook “Margaret’s Table – Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining” took the gold medal for Best Entertaining Cookbook in the World at the 2006 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Beijing, China, in April 2007.

              From the thousands of cookbooks entered, “Margaret’s Table” was one of sixteen finalists in the entertaining category at this truly international competition. Margaret and her husband Larry, who took all the photos for the book, participated in the three day program in Beijing, where over 200 Foodies (chefs, authors, photographers, food & wine writers, publishers and TV personalities from over 30 countries participated.   This is the second time Margaret has won this award. Her first book “From the Ambassador’s Table – Blueprints for Creative Entertaining” took the same gold medal in 1998, when the ceremonies were held in France. This book also won two Awards in the 2006 Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon International Cookbook and Culinary Arts Awards, in the categories ‘20th Century Cookbook’ and ‘Cookbook Cover and Title’.

              In April/May, Margaret did an extensive book tour taking her to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and her home city Ottawa. She has recently done many book signings, full-length cooking school presentations, food demonstrations, and TV appearances.

Barbara Ezratty Tasch – Baltimore and Puerto Rico

              Our latest publication “Puerto Rico True Flavors” by Chef Wilo Benet was introduced at the recent Book Expo America. He is an award-winning Puerto Rican chef whose flagship restaurant Pikayo is a magnet for culinary trips to the island. He has appeared as guest chef at the James Beard Foundation in NY; the Aspen Food Festival; on the TV Food Channel, and also the Martha Stewart show. His extraordinary take on Latino cuisine has been featured in the NY Times, Conde Nast Travel, Gourmet Magazine and other publications.  The book presents traditional recipes of Puerto Rican cuisine, updated for the 21st Century. We have changed our corporate name and are now Read Street Publishing, Inc. Our subsidiaries are Tables Magazine; Omni Arts Publishers,  and Park Avenue Press. Our November 2006 release ‘The Great Chefs of Baltimore” is doing  very well.


Catherine Fulvio - Ireland

              It was such a pleasure to welcome Greg and his wife to Ballyknocken. Thank you for introducing us to Greg. I have just heard from him from Prague. We would be thrilled to welcome another culinary group in 2009.

News from Ireland

              Congratulations Catherine and all at Ballyknocken. Recently, Catherine received national recognition and scooped the award for the Best in the SFA National Small Business Awards at the Mansion House in Dublin. The prestigious award was presented to her by An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. For those who do not know Irish, Taoiseach means Prime Minister.  Catherine has spread her wings, and recently represented Ireland on behalf of Tourism Ireland, when she demonstrated Irish Artisan cuisine to food critics and journalists at the Hague in the Netherlands over St. Patrick’s weekend.  She also went to a Cookery School in Brussels, where a host of journalists and guests were at a demonstration of Irish Artisan Food given by Catherine.

Susan Grant – Siena, Italia            

              Michael has arrived in Italy, and he brought the Award with him. It is just gorgeous – ingenious too how that crystal globe actually turns on its axis. It arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for recognizing our book in your Awards Program 2006.

Kyle Jarard – Paris, France 

              I greatly appreciate the Culinary History Award for my book ‘Cognac’.  I’ve placed news of the Award on my website at I regret I was unable to attend the Awards event. If you find someone who can bring the Award out to me in France, that would be wonderful. However, I may be in Florida next winter briefly and will keep you posted. I’d love to meet you and discuss Cognac and its sage cast of characters – a very interesting and worthy topic. Best Wishes. Kyle

If anyone plans a trip to Paris in the near future, let us know if you would be interested to take the Culinary History Book Culinary Academy Award to France, and give it to Kyle Jarrard.

Vicki Levy Krupp and Judy Gelman – Needham, MA

              We are excited to let you know that our new book The Kids’ Book Club Book was released on May 10, 2007. It is a unique guide to creating fun for kids and teens, with recipes, activities and ideas from popular authors. Be sure to check out coverage on our web site about the book which was featured on the Today Show.


Muirelle Montecalvo – St. Petersburg, FL

              We have started an online travel business. The site is comparable to booking your travel on Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. We are very competitive and can arrange all vacation getaways including your culinary activities. We can book your hotel, airline, rental cars, golf-t-times, or any type of vacation deals.  You can contact us at

Muirelle …..Good luck with the travel business

Greg Patent – Missoula, MT     Greg contacted us from Malta

              Thanks a million times for putting us in touch with Catherine and Ballyknocken. She’s wonderful and so is Ballyknocken;  Great food, great service and a wonderful area. Catherine’s energy and drive will land her right on top where she wants to be, and she is on her way. It was particularly nice to spend time in real Irish countryside. The weather was sunny and warm. We drove to Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens. Aberdeen Lodge is a real find in Dublin. We dined at two excellent restaurants ‘Itsa4’ and ‘Browne’s’; Very inventive and delicious new Irish cuisine. Your suggestions were a godsend. Please keep me informed of your 2009 Taste Ireland tour. We plan a trip to Hungary in the Fall 2009, and may be able to combine the two.

Jan Purser and Kathy Snowball – Perth & Sydney, Australia

              Kathy and I have another book published which was photographed and styled by the same team as the Detox Cookbook. The Eat Well Cookbook, Dairy-free and Gluten-free recipes for Food Lovers was released in November, and is going extremely well so far according to our publisher.

Kathy and Jan: We heard this week from your publishers in Sydney, who have entered your new book into the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon 2007 Awards Program.  Good luck!

Ken Shackell – England

              Our wedding in April was a great success. We invited seventy guests to the reception. However, the honeymoon plans were not so successful! The cruise ship, ‘Sea Princess’ broke down before we left Southampton. We had to leave the ship after two days on board. Princess Cruises refunded the full costs plus expenses, so we went over to the Isle of Wight for five days. Now, we are settling back home again in Ivy Cottage.

Maria Springer – Baltimore, MD

              I have started teaching with one of the Top….High End….Caterers in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas. Jerry Edwards, owner of Chef’s Expressions Catering Company asked me to teach the dessert section in his cooking classes. The classes include his recipes and wine tasting. It is a fun and spirited class. Jerry is Italian. The head chef is French and I am Austrian. We make quite a threesome….This is a new step for me….teaching away from my home based cooking school.  It was great to see you again in Chicago. Thank you for all you do to make us all feel so important. You are the true “Grande Dame of the Culinary Arts”.

Ignacio Urquiza - Mexico

              Thank you again for everything. The reception in Chicago was excellent. We just came back from Boston University, where we had a conference on Food Styling and Photography. I gave a lecture to Stylists from Australia and Greece, about the trends and activities in our countries.



Chef Dave West,  The Rolling Pin Emporium, Brandon, Florida sent out a Press Release last week

Culinary Voices of America present Noreen: The Variations of Ratatouille

July 14, 10:30am-1pm, Demonstration

Noreen is well traveled and has made it her life's work to experience foods from around the world. Her classes offer not only fantastic unique foods, but commentary of her travels, the food and people of the regions she studies and enjoys. Her food is amazing! She will instruct and prepare: The Variations of Ratatouille. She will demonstrate how to prepare Ratatouille Nicoise from France and discuss variations of the dish from Turkey, Sicily and the Balkans. While the cooking is underway, she will show several different ways whereby it can be served in a selection of meals. Menu includes: Served as a hors d' oeuvre; Hot or Cold, Served as a sauce over Chicken and Fish, Served as a vegetable dish to accompany Pork and Sauteed Potatoes, and Served in a Chicken Casserole with Pilaf Rice. Don't miss out on this versatile dish created with seasonal vegetables.


               If you have an announcement or information on your culinary activities, do send it to us, and we will place it in the Fall Edition of the Culinary Voices of America.  If you go to the Website, you can view past editions of the Newsletter. Click on the link ‘News Releases’, seen on the Home page.        


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