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              I hope you are enjoying a very happy 2007. Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon got off to a very active start to the New Year. On Thursday, 11 January, 2007, the Culinary Academy Awards presentations - 2006 were held at Seapointe in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Seapointe is situated at the waters edge, and overlooks the wide expanse of Tampa Bay and the majestic Sunshine Skyway Bridge at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. The weather was excellent, and the dolphins were very active that sunny morning. Our visitors were entertained to a welcome display of their leaps and dives across the Bay.


              Current plans are to hold the 2007 Culinary Academy Awards event at Seapointe on Thursday 10 January 2008.  I do hope you can arrange to visit Florida at the time, and will be able to join us. Exciting ideas are in the pipeline for the on-going annual event, so stay tuned for more information throughout the year. In the meantime, Dave, our Web Master has the 2007 Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Cookbooks & Culinary Arts Awards Program up on the Website. There are many different categories in the annual contest, including the Culinary Demonstrator’s Award, and the Culinary Website Award. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, July 31, 2007. Tell your colleagues and friends to check it out at:  or     


              Changes in our e mail address take place after April 30, 2007.  You can contact us at or    Later in 2007, we will introduce a third e mail address for the 2009 (yes, 2009) ‘TASTE IRELAND 2009’ CULINARY TOUR, which has already received offers of Sponsorships. The new e mail address for the Irish Tours will be  In November I will be in Ireland, as the guest of Peter O’ Connor, Director of Baileys Irish Cream, to attend the annual Euro-Toque event. The Competition is sponsored by Baileys, and recognizes Europe’s Young Chefs. I will avail of the opportunity to do the ground work for the ‘Taste Ireland 2009’ Tour. Details will by available at the end of 2007.





Cordon d'Or - Gold Ribbon - Crystal Globe Award

(photograph by Ignacio Urquiza)

The Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon team wishes to thank the Academy members who sent in nominations and votes for the Culinary Academy Awards. It is the first year we threw it open to Academy members to nominate and vote for Culinary Academy Award Winners. The response was good. The Nominees were delighted to accept their Awards. All the winners were present, or represented by a fellow Culinarian in St. Petersburg, Florida who accepted their Awards
Culinary Hall of Fame
Antonia Allegra
Culinary Life Achievement 
Ignacio Urquiza
Culinary Entrepreneur
Erik Wolf
Chef of the Year
Jim Coleman
Cuisine of the Year

Australia - awarded either to a Country or a Culinarian


              Antonia Allegra was represented by Marty Martindale. Marty is a former Culinary Website Award Winner in 2005. Erik Wolf was represented by Tommy Klauber. Tommy is a Director of the International Culinary Tourism Association. John Stine from Austrade flew in from Denver, and accepted the Award on behalf of Australia.

              Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon was honored to introduce the Master of Ceremonies Janet Keeler, Food & Travel Editor of the St. Petersburg Times.  The Winners thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet Janet. Feedback indicates that it was a great opportunity to network with fellow Culinarians. 

              Entries into the Cookbooks & Culinary Arts 2006 Awards Program came from across the Globe, as far a field as Australia and Europe, to Canada and Mexico, and throughout the United States. The Entries were excellent, and several Winners flew into Florida, accompanied by family or friends. The Awards event is not open to the public, and is by invitation only. However, that will change, with exciting plans in the pipeline for future award presentations. 

              All Winners were given a two year complimentary membership to the Academy of the Culinary Arts.  This allows them to nominate and vote for several Culinary Academy Award Winners.  Full information can be seen on the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Website. Go to the link for the Academy of the Culinary Arts on the Home Page.


Award Winners who came to Florida, include:


Margaret & Larry Dickenson
Winners of several Awards as seen below

Cookbook ‘Cover & Title’ Award

20th Century Cookbook Award

Masterpiece Menu Award  

Published Recipe Award

Ignacio Urquiza
Culinary Lifetime Achievement Award

Photography Award

Edward Leonard
New York
Illustrated Cookbook Award
Susan Peters
‘Flavors’ Magazine Award
Maria Springer
Unpublished Recipe Award
Parisa Ambwani 
Special Merit Award


CASH AWARD: This was won by two separate Entries in the Awards Program.

              Edward Leonard: Illustrated Cookbook, ‘Cooking with America’s Championship Team’. Edward is the immediate Past President of the American Culinary Federation.


              Margaret & Larry Dickenson:  Masterpiece Menu,  ‘Bon Voyage – Au Revoir to Dear Friends’. Their original and impressive Menu was very cleverly presented inside a Passport.


THE PRESIDENT’S AWARD - A new Culinary Academy Award was introduced in 2006. The President’s Award was presented to Baileys Irish Cream. Their outstanding performance in the world market today ranks them as the 6th largest selling global premium drink brand in the world. The Award is well deserved for their remarkable success. The Bio on Baileys can be seen on the Website.  Peter O’ Connor, Director of Baileys Irish Cream, Dublin, Ireland was unable to attend the Awards event. However, he was in Florida two weeks later, and invited me to join him for lunch in Miami. Diageo, the international organization who now own Baileys and Guinness among several other famous brand names, held a special 3 day event in Miami. It was attended by over 500 of their Executives who came to Florida from across the globe. The Award was presented to Peter, at the luncheon.  Peter did a presentation for Baileys. He spoke about the Culinary Academy Award won by Baileys Irish Cream; and he told the audience about the recent Irish Culinary Tour, sponsored by Baileys in October 2006.  Peter had a selection of photos from the Tour, taken at Baileys “Vineyards” at The Orchard in Co. Wicklow, where the tour participants spent a wonderful day as the guests of Baileys Irish Cream. The Culinary Academy Award was very well received in Miami, and created considerable interest.




              Invitations went out recently to Academy members who were on the Irish Culinary Tour, and to several Winners of the Culinary Academy Awards 2005 and 2006, who plan to attend the IACP Conference in Chicago in April 2007.  The response has been excellent, and I look forward to seeing many members who said they will get together for a glass of Champagne on Friday 13 April, between 12 Noon and 1:00 PM. The gathering will take place at Kitty O’Shea’s Pub, adjacent to the Hilton Hotel, where the conference is held. At the Reunion, Carol Penn Romine will have her camera ready to take photos of those who went to Ireland. Another plan is to do a ‘photo opportunity’ for some of our Award Winners who will be there. These include Antonia Allegra, Ignacio Urquiza, Erik Wolf, Jill Norman and Katie Wilton. More than 30 people have confirmed they will come, and it should be great fun. It provides an opportunity to network with very interesting people from overseas, the US, Canada and Mexico. Dave will put the photos on the Website in due course.


NETWORKING - One of the principle aims of the Academy of the Culinary Arts is the opportunity ‘to Network’; and the ‘Culinary Voices of America’ Newsletter is one avenue, whereby we can develop a worldwide network of members.


              I discovered the importance of networking through an international group of people who attended a very unusual school out in India. The school was tucked away ‘in the middle of nowhere’ isolated some 7000 feet up in the mountains by a lake. There, approximately 130 students came together every year, from across the world. They were the daughters of prominent business and professional people, and diplomats based in India. Included in the group were several daughters of Indian Maharajas. The school, a Convent opened its doors in 1916, and closed in the 1990s. It was an international establishment, with every nationality represented under the one roof. There were only 25/30 Catholics, and all others came from every known religion on earth, including Buddhists – there were Siamese twins at the school too. The educational system was run through Cambridge University in England, from Kindergarten through to Associate Degree level. The lady who ran the school – Celia Ryder – Reverend Mother St. John, known to the students by her nickname ‘Johnny’, was later awarded two decorations by Queen Elizabeth,  for her incredible contribution to education. ‘Johnny’ was English, and before she became a nun, she was with Sadlers Wells Ballet in England. Aside from the Academics, the Arts and Sport played a major part of the educational system, and in particular Classical Ballet, National dance and Music. It was an amazing educational upbringing that I was privileged to experience. Equal numbers of Nuns and Lay Teachers made up the teaching faculty; and as a Convent, from those far off days, it was known to provide an incredible broad approach to life and education, where one was encouraged to be independent, face life’s challenges head on,  and follow one’s chosen path in life.  Many former students went on to establish very successful lives in different countries. Several broke ground in their chosen careers, at a time when a University Education and chances for women to become doctors, accountants and lawyers was a rarity in Europe and third world countries. Several gained worldwide fame in their chosen fields, particularly in the world of dance.  And, among the group, we even had an Artic Explorer, who braved all odds to take her two year old daughter and live among the Eskimos for a year. Based on her experiences, Marie wrote several books, and became a celebrity guest speaker on cruises and on TV. In the 1960s in London, Marie married world renowned Artic Explorer Wally Herbert. Wally received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth not too long ago. Marie’s last e mail tells me of their recent afternoon spent with HRH, Prince Charles at Highgrove, where they were shown the organic farm and gardens and had afternoon tea with the Prince. 


In the late 1950s, ‘Johnny’ developed an incredible worldwide network of past pupils. To this day, over forty five years later, they descend on London from across the globe every October; and meet for a day in Kensington, in the heart of the city for a reunion and curry luncheon.  During the 1960s when I was based in London, I organized this event annually at the Irish Club in Belgravia, central London. Later it was taken over by a friend, who to this day arranges it.  If anything, above all else, we learned the invaluable lesson of accepting people of different nationalities, backgrounds and religions, in peace and harmony; and the importance of networking and continuity of contact throughout one’s life. Today, one can go to most countries across the globe, and be welcomed by fellow former students, who will open doors for one in their own countries.  




Sharon Brown lives in Washington State, and thoroughly enjoyed the Culinary Tour of Ireland last year. Recently, Sharon was en route to Australia and New Zealand on the Queen Mary 2.  In 2005, the Culinary Hall of Fame Award was awarded (posthumously) to the world famous English culinary author Elizabeth David, a remarkable lady, who changed the face of cuisine in the UK during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Elizabeth’s Estate Trustee is Jill Norman, well known cookbook author in Europe. Jill accepted the Award, and later asked if it could be sent out to Elizabeth’s nephew Stephan Grey, who lives in Australia, where we have several Academy members residing down under. Sharon very kindly agreed to take the Award with her to Sydney. Last week, we received an e mail from Sharon, who has successfully delivered the Culinary Academy Award on behalf of the Cordon d’ Or Academy of Culinary Arts. Sharon also tells us that she met one of our members Katie Snowball, former winner and co author of the Illustrated Cookbook in 2005 The Detox Cookbook, and they had lunch together in Sydney.


Lucy Waverman  News from Canada is that Lucy has a new Cookbook LUCY’S KITCHEN – Signature Recipes and Culinary Secrets.  Lucy’s Editor Cathy Paine from Random House Publishers has been in touch with us and sent a Press Release. Congratulations Lucy!


Margaret & Larry Dickenson   Congratulations Margaret and Larry, for the great success of your beautiful new culinary book MARGARET’S TABLE – Easy Cooking & Inspiring Entertaining. Margaret and Larry are a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world today. Margaret’s book is excellent, and Larry has done the superb photography in the book.  Just before Christmas, they went on a fascinating cruise in the Dubai/Indian Ocean areas, as Enrichment Lecturers. In January, we were honored with their presence at the Culinary Academy Awards in St. Petersburg. Margaret and Larry ‘swept’ the boards with the awards they won in the 2006 Program; with very creative Menu presentations, a published recipe, and Margaret’s former book, FROM THE AMBASSADOR’S TABLE. The book won two Awards: ‘20th Century Cookbook’ and Cookbook ‘Cover & Title’. We are very happy to have you as members of the Academy of the Culinary Arts family, and delighted to hear that you will join us in Chicago.


Carol Penn Romine lives in California. Carol and her husband Andy came on the recent Culinary Tour of Ireland. Andy works in Hollywood. He does Special Effects for the movie industry. I met Carol last year in Seattle, and she told me about her plans to organize tours of Ireland. I suggested she join our group to learn more about Ireland and develop important contacts; and I offered to help her with advice on Ireland. Carol’s first tour will take place from September 20 – 27,  2007. It has been a great pleasure and honor to help Carol with her intended plans to take folk on tours to my beloved Emerald Isle. She has sent me an update on her culinary journey through Ireland.  It looks exciting, and anyone who goes will thoroughly enjoy the Emerald Isle. Carol will have more details available at the Reunion in Chicago, but you can contact her at:


Ken Shackell lives in England and has wonderful news. Ken was in touch recently to say he is getting married again on April 21, 2007, to Joan, a long time family friend. Congratulations!  Several of the Irish Tour participants have asked after Ken, and are delighted to hear the happy news. They have asked me to convey their best wishes to you and Joan.


Susan Peters has left Atlanta Georgia, and moved to St. Pete Beach in Florida. Welcome neighbor, and thank you for your kind offers to help us at Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon. We greatly appreciate it, and look forward to seeing more of you once you are settled. Glad to hear you will join us for a glass of Champagne in Chicago.


James O’ Donnell - Marketing Director of Bord Bia – the Irish Food Board, has been in touch to say that he will join us in Chicago. We look forward to seeing you again James, and introducing you to fellow Academy Members. Many of the Irish Tour participants still talk about the wonderful day they spent as the guests of Bord Bia in Dublin.


Greg Patent - Greg is en route to Scotland. We have been in touch several times in the past year. I was delighted to hear he will go on to Ireland after Scotland, and as per his request, I offered suggestions as to where to stay and places to visit during his visit. He plans to go to Dublin, and I recommended a side trip to Co. Wicklow. Greg will be in Ireland in the week following the conference in Chicago, and has arranged to stay with Catherine Fulvio at Ballyknocken for two days and nights. I know he will have a great time with Catherine. Our recent tour participants thoroughly enjoyed their day spent with Catherine. Greg has a new book due for publication in November 2007. The title of the book is ‘A Baker’s Odyssey’, published by John Wiley & Sons – Editor Pam Chirls. I received an e mail from Greg today, 31 March, 2007, and he wants me to include the following line with his news item. Greg asks to “acknowledge my help in providing a great Irish Soda Bread recipe featured in his new book”. I was honored when he asked me some months back to provide him with my recipe for Irish Soda bread. Greg is thrilled with the recipe I gave to him which is traditional Irish Soda bread. In my recipe, one sees the sunflower seeds turn into an Emerald Green color when the bread is cooked. Those on the Culinary Tour may recall the day we were the guests of the Irish Dairy Board and Kerrygold Butter, at a lunch in the Farm Gate Restaurant overlooking the English Market. On that occasion, Parisa bought Irish Soda bread in the market, and gave samples to the tour participants, who saw the green specks in the bread. That is real Irish Soda Bread. The white ‘soda bread with raisins’, seen in the US around St. Patrick’s Day is not authentic Irish Soda bread. It is another recipe known in Europe as Spotted Dick. It is an old English recipe being passed off as Irish Soda Bread in the US; rather like Corned Beef, also passed off as Irish over here, when it is an American invented recipe, and not Irish. Corned beef is delicious, and since the 1960s, has found its way to Ireland, where it is now found in the Ireland too. I was delighted to receive a cutting from a colleague last week, taken from the New York Times. It is dated March 14, written by Melissa Clark. The article clarifies the issue about real Irish Soda Bread and that other recipe…..Spotted Dick.     


Noreen Kinney - I have returned to the world of Food Presentations & Demonstrations, along the lines of the Culinary Tours I did throughout Ireland during the 1960s/1970s.  For many years I resisted requests to do them. I have not done any since the 1990s, at which time I did it for SPIFFS, the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, at their Bastille Day Celebrations in downtown St. Pete. The organization has a membership representing around fifty countries across the world. At the time, I also did a demonstration on NBC TV, showing viewers traditional French cuisine.  Recently, I did a session at The Rolling Pin in Brandon, near by Tampa. Chef Dave West (an IACP member) owns the magnificent Kitchen Emporium, where you can get just about anything you need to help you in the kitchen with your cooking preparations. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I took the audience on a Culinary Tour of Ireland, preparing and presenting Traditional Irish food, plus a selection of New Irish Cuisine and 21st Century Irish Cuisine dishes. Everyone sat down to dinner afterwards. It was great fun. Chef Dave is an excellent host, and the Rolling Pin establishment is very impressive.  I will be doing a French cuisine evening in July in celebration of Bastille Day, and plan to show audiences how Ratatouille is the most versatile food, that can be served in so many different ways. In the meantime, requests are coming in for me to visit culinary schools as a guest teacher/demonstrator. Initially, back in the 1960s, I specialized  in ‘Global Cuisines’, from France to Italy and Ireland, and across Europe, to India and China, with other countries thrown into the mix. I did culinary sessions on all these countries in times past, to live audiences and on TV; and introduced several national cuisines into Ireland during the 1970s, whereby I showed audiences that other countries used many of the same ingredients found in Ireland, but made up in different ways. Looks like my culinary activities have turned full cycle. It is fun to do the culinary sessions again, and socialize afterwards with the people who attend.       



              On behalf of Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Academy of the Culinary Arts,  I would like to take this opportunity to express a very sincere thanks to several of our members, who have provided us with an excellent selection of photographs taken at various Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon activities. Among them are Ignacio Urquiza (Mexico),  Carol and Andrew Penn Romine (CA), Ken Shackell (UK), Kenneth Neifeld (FL), Maria Springer (MD), Susan Bugeja (Canada),  Parisa Ambwani (CA), Richard Gottesman (MA) and Alicia Parks (CA). Our thanks go to Jim Coleman too (NJ), who has recorded radio interviews with our members and award winners. And special thanks go to Janet Keeler of the St. Petersburg Times, Carla Blake at the Irish Examiner, and the American Culinary Federation magazine, ‘National Culinary Review’;  for their media coverage, and support of our efforts to make it possible for Culinarians to gain the worldwide recognition they well deserve.  We are developing a great worldwide network of members, both professional Culinarians and non Culinarians. Some of our members call themselves ‘Foodies’. They are not culinary professionals, but they have a genuine interest in good food.  We have received more photos of folk who were on the Irish Culinary Tour, which will be added to the photo gallery soon. If you have not done it yet, please take a moment to look at the Gallery of excellent photos on the website, taken by several participants on the recent Culinary Tour of Ireland.  And, ‘Taste Ireland 2009’ will give those who missed the 2006 Culinary Tour of Ireland, another opportunity to join us on a wonderful tour of the Emerald Isle.

              Have a great year, and let your colleagues and friends know about the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Awards Program. There are many categories, including the published and the unpublished recipe contest that they can enter, and maybe win an Award. Remember, we want you to have the opportunity to get the recognition you deserve.



Noreen Kinney


Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon

Academy of the Culinary Arts

Pioneer – New Irish Cuisine (1960 – 1985)

Culinary Ambassador for Ireland (1995 – 2007)



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